Welcome…welcome…it’s so nice to see you…we were hoping you would drop by…….ooh, we love what you’ve done with your hair. Please come on in and enjoy a peek into the curious world of the Oakwood Forest, and its inhabitants, The Oakwood Folk.

Established in 2010, Oakwood Folk is a family run, comedy walkabout street puppetry act. We are passionate about having fun and inspiring imagination through silly, fantastical, family-friendly puppet based buffoonery.

Our act is aimed at all ages, young and old alike, and our mission is simple: making people laugh. Our comedy is very gentle in nature, accessible to all ages, very very silly, and can be tailored to fit with any event.

‘Walkabout’ puppetry
Our acts are all designed as ‘walkabout’ puppetry. This means, whilst the costumes are very large, they’re also very mobile, and designed to allow our performers to literally ‘walk about’ as they perform – allowing our performers to interact with lots and lots of people at events, and cover all areas at an event ground, shopping area or arena.

 Meet the Oakwood Folk

Enjoy a stroll through Oakwood Forest with Oakley, Ivy and Bramble..or listen to tales of  fantastical journeys from Oakwood’s very own adventurer, Walter Piddle.

Bumped into one of the Oakwood Folk? Got a question? Are you running an event and want to talk to us about a visit from the Oakwood Folk? Why not visit our Contact page and tell us all about it.

Thank you for visiting, please enjoy our site, but remember to wipe your feet before you come in as Ivy has just swept up and you know how she gets…